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Waterdrop is one of Xylem’s loyalty programs and promotional campaign leveraging Xylem’s
Watermark. It’s a program focusing on solving water through an unforgettable once-in-a-life
experience. The loyalty and promotional program Waterdrop rewards your cooperation and
loyalty as a partner of Xylem. Waterdrop offers members the opportunity to earn Waterdrops
through several activities around working with Xylem in the Building Services sector.
The operator and publisher of Waterdrop is Xylem or one of its subsidiaries. The operators
reserve the right to use selected activities for the program in selected countries.
A number of conditions apply for collecting Waterdrops and the general implementation of
Waterdrop, which we have summarized for you below. Special rules may also apply from other
documents (such as General Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Code of
Conduct) as well as from the Waterdrop Portal (such as personal account, newsletter, account
statement and others).

1. Participation in Waterdrop

.1. Eligibility

Persons eligible for membership are limited to those natural persons who are at least eighteen
years of age and who are residents in a country in which Waterdrop is offered. The residence is
deemed the primary country the office of the member is located in. Details of the person and the
residence must be submitted accurately and truthfully and must be demonstrated to an operator
or a joint operator upon request. A legal claim to participation in Waterdrop does not exist. An
operator or a joint operator may refuse admission to Waterdrop without giving a reason.

1.2. Commencement of membership

Membership commences at the request of a partner with the opening of their individual
Waterdrop account. If the applicant is already a member of Waterdrop, a new application for
opening another personal Waterdrop account is invalid, i.e. only one account can be opened
and maintained per person.

1.3. Membership account

The member creates a personal account used to log-in to the portal for activities such as
checking their history of personally collected Waterdrops, all the Waterdrops summarized from
all participants, or the personal history of activities that collected Waterdrops. The member shall
be responsible for avoiding misuse by ensuring that no unauthorized third party has access to
the own account. In cases of suspected misuse of the account, Xylem must be notified

2. Waterdrops

2.1. General information and usage of Waterdrops

The bases of calculation for the Waterdrop Loyalty Program are Waterdrops that are credited to
the participant’s Waterdrop account. Waterdrops can be used only for the purpose of donating
them to Xylem’s Watermark Social Investment and Corporate Citizenship Program and the
therefore resulting activities done by Watermark or any of its non-profit partners to solving
water. A withdrawal or and other usage is not possible. At the same time, each Waterdrop is
valid as a lottery ticket for the drawing of participants for the Volunteer Trip. At the time of the
drawing, all accounts are reset to zero Waterdrops, and all Waterdrops are donated to
Watermark. A new phase of collecting Waterdrops can start then, which will end again with the
upcoming drawing.

2.2. Transferability of Waterdrops and trading with Waterdrops

Waterdrops and Waterdrop accounts cannot be transferred to a third party. The sale, exchange,
offer for auction or any other transfer of Waterdrops to a third party is prohibited. Also prohibited
are negotiations for the purchase or sale of Waterdrops and the purchase of Waterdrops from
participants or a third party, as well as the unauthorized use of Waterdrops.

2.3. Account balance

Members can check their current Waterdrop account balance online at their Waterdrop account.
In addition, members who actively use Waterdrop to a certain extent may receive regular
information on their current account balance.

3. Collecting Waterdrops

3.1. General provisions for collecting Waterdrops

Members can start collecting Waterdrops after membership commences. Waterdrops can only
be credited to the member’s individual Waterdrop account for interactions with Xylem the
member personally participated in, submitted, visited or utilized in any other appropriate matter.
The number of Waterdrops credited depends on the activity. Xylem allows itself a phase of up to
4 weeks before Waterdrops have been credited to the account.

3.2. Collecting Waterdrops through Learning

For each fully stay in person of the member at a training organized by Xylem and meant to be
qualified for collecting Waterdrops, the member’s account will be credited with Waterdrop(s), no
matter how long the training was. Similar applies to successfully finished online learnings
offered by Xylem. For each successfully finished online training that qualifies for Waterdrops,
the member’s account will be credited with Waterdrop(s). Each chapter can qualify for a
Waterdrop only once. Finalizing the same chapter again after having it already once
successfully finished does not qualify for collecting further Waterdrops. All finished or visited
learning can be credited only after the participant has sent in the required information in his own
account in the Waterdrop portal.

3.3. Collecting Waterdrops through Selection Software

When having a personal account created in Xylem’s selection software ,
participants of Waterdrop do collect Waterdrops which will be credited to their Waterdrop
account. After the drawing event of each phase of Waterdrop, and after each account has been
reset to zero, an active Xylect account qualifies again for Waterdrops. A Xylect account is
defined as active if it has been used minimum once in the last 12 months.

3.4. Collecting Waterdrops through Specifications

For each actual specification out of Building Services that a member sends to Xylem, which is
still open to tender and does include products or services out of Building Services that Xylem
can address in countries where Waterdrop is active, the member’s account will be credited with

Each specification can qualify for Waterdrops only once for the same sender or company.

3.5. Other ways to collect Waterdrops

Other temporary or permanent ways to collect Waterdrops can be announced separately in the
Waterdrop communication channels or by any other Xylem communication.

3.6. Change of Waterdrop calculations

Xylem obtains the right to change the calculation of Waterdrop without prior notice at any time.

3.7. Crediting procedure

Waterdrops will be credited to the member’s account if the Waterdrop member submits a proof
of above mentioned activities that qualify to collect Waterdrops. The member must provide an
operator or Xylem Sales Representative with a specification or project document, or inform
about the participation in an in-person or online training or an active Xylect account. The
member shall inform the respective sales contact in his/her region where Waterdrop is running.
Primarily, the member needs to log-in to the personal Waterdrop portal account, and claim the
credit of Waterdrops by uploading the requested files through the online system.
Letters or documents that are sent to Xylem shall be scanned, digitally archived and destroyed
after scanning. The right to demand the return of the submitted original letters and documents
does not exist.

3.8. Usage of Waterdrop

Waterdrops can be used only for the purpose of donating them to Xylem’s Watermark Social
Investment Program and the therefore resulting activities done by Watermark or any of its nonprofit
partners to solving water. A withdrawal or and other usage is not possible. Trading,
sharing, selling or offering of Waterdrops is not permitted.

3.9. Waterdrops as lottery ticket

Each Waterdrop is valid as a lottery ticket for the drawing of participants for the Volunteer Trip.
One single Waterdrop thereby equals one single lottery ticket. The more Waterdrops a member
has collected, the more lottery tickets the member thereby has.

3.10. Resetting the account at a drawing

At the time of the drawing, all accounts are reset to zero Waterdrops, and all Waterdrops are
donated to Watermark to invest them in sustainable water solutions for communities in need. A
new phase of collecting Waterdrops can start again, which may end again with the upcoming

4. Drawing

4.1. Drawing and winners

Xylem obtains the right to communicate how, when and where a drawing with or without event
takes place, also about the person who does the drawing itself. The results of the drawing will
be communicated through Xylem’s communications channels. Xylem will draw several winners
for each country where Waterdrop is active. Winners accept being named in Xylem’s
communications channels, and will be informed separately, based on the contact information
retained in the Waterdrop Portal. A legal claim to win a drawing does not exist. It is not subject
to legal recourse.

4.2. Waiting list

Additional names beyond the planned number of participants will be drawn which build a waiting
list, in case any of the winners is not able to join the Volunteer trip. First name drawn beyond the
planned number of participants is thereby first on the waiting list. The waiting list becomes
obsolete as soon as all members for the upcoming Volunteer Trip have definitely accepted to
join. The names of the waiting list are not communicated externally unless they become regular
participants of the next Volunteer Trip.

4.3. Number of winners

Xylem obtains the right to define the number of winners for each drawing event (and thereby the
number of participants for each Volunteer Trip), based on the absolute amount of Waterdrops
collected and the therefore resulting possible activities to solve water for communities in need
through Watermark. The more water towers are enabled to be build through Waterdrop, the
more participants can join a Volunteer Trip.

5. Volunteer Trip

5.1. Participants in the Volunteer Trip

The winners of the drawing, who have definitely accepted, are the participants of the Volunteer
Trip. A legal claim to participation in a Volunteer Trip does not exist. Xylem may refuse
admission to a Volunteer Trip without giving a reason.

5.2. The Volunteer Trip

Xylem obtains the right to define when, where and how long a Volunteer Trip will be. The
Volunteer Trips are organized by Xylem Watermark and / or one of its non-profit partners.
Special rules also apply for a Volunteer Trip (such as Code of Conduct, Photo Guidance, Media
policy, Xylem’s Right of Publicity General release) which participants will receive well in
advance or during the Volunteer Trip. Accepting these rules is mandatory in order to become or
remain a participant of a Volunteer Trip.

5.3. Participants’ responsibilities

The participants are responsible for having a valid passport with an expiration date minimum six
months after the return date of the Volunteer Trip, as well as a valid Visa or any other travel
document required by any transit or final destination country, accurate and updated vaccination
according to local authorities recommendations, foreign health insurance, and are 18 years or
above, and are generally in physical good shape to work hard and to be able to help making a
difference for communities in need. Hard work, hot weather and humid climate can be expected
and are accepted. Xylem will inform and consult well in advance for all above topics, which
ultimately remain however in the responsibility of the participants. The participants have the
responsibility to inform Xylem about any health or legal restriction the participant may have.

5.4. Transferability of a Volunteer Trip

The participation in a Volunteer Trip may only be issued to persons for their own use, and may
not be exchanged without written approval from Xylem. In case a participant can’t join a
Volunteer Trip, Xylem obtains the right to either replace this free seat with a name from the
waiting list or a suggestion coming from the participant. Xylem may refuse any suggestion
without giving a reason. In addition, the sale, exchange, offer for auction or any other transfer of
the participation in a Volunteer Trip to a third party is prohibited.

5.5. Charges of a Volunteer Trip

Xylem will cover all costs of a Volunteer Trip from all participants starting from the home airport,
such as flight rate, accommodation, meals, transportation, surcharges , service fees. Xylem will
not cover any private expenditures during the Volunteer Trip.

6. Others

6.1. Termination

A member may properly leave the contractual relationship by simply deregistering at the
Waterdrop Portal at any time without notice. Extraordinary termination of membership may be
enforced by Xylem for good cause, as well as exclusion from membership in the program in the
future. Renewed membership in Waterdrop is prohibited after a termination declared by Xylem.

6.2. Waterdrops validity in the event of deregistration

In the event of deregistration by the member or in the event of extraordinary deregistration of
membership enforced by Xylem, the collected Waterdrops of the then former member shall
remain valid as donation for communities in need. However, these Waterdrops lose their
function as lottery ticket and don’t participate in the next drawing.

6.3. Program termination

Xylem reserves the right to discontinue Waterdrop at any time and to properly terminate the
program and the membership. The same applies in the event that Waterdrop is replaced by
another program.

6.4. Privacy Policy

Xylem’s Privacy Policy applies also to Waterdrop, and can be seen at

6.5. Modifications to the program or the Terms & Conditions

Xylem reserves the right to make any changes or additions to the Terms & Conditions, the
Volunteer Trips, the Drawing, the Waterdrops or other processes described in the program
documents for Waterdrop, provided that the member is not thereby disadvantaged in bad faith.
Changes or additions will be published in the Waterdrop communication channels.