Change Lives With Your Own Hands

You have the power to make a difference right now. Every action you take, every day, can have real consequences for children and families worldwide. And you may be chosen to help build a tower.

Simple steps, dramatic difference

Every time you learn about, select or specify Xylem products, you collect drops. For every single drop, Xylem contributes one US dollar to Watermark, our corporate citizenship program, for use in building water towers and providing hygiene education at schools around the world. The towers operate without power and serve entire communities, promoting health, enabling children to enjoy clean water at school, and creating opportunities for a better life..

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The more drops you collect, the closer we move to funding the next tower. Plus, every drop gives you an entry in the drawing for the next volunteer trip. The more drops you collect, the more chances you have to win.

Drops are collected until the next drawing. After the drawing, account totals reset to zero, and we start collecting for the next tower(s). See terms and conditions >

Activity Drop Drops collected
Offline training participation 30
Xylect account holder 20
Send specification 20

Waterdrop in a nutshell – view infographic


Take pride in keeping children and families healthy with a simple, sustainable tower that delivers clean water.

Tower projects are monitored for five years after completion, ensuring sustainability. Learn how the tower works >

* Estimated tower production. Water towers are not equipped with flow meters or data transmission devices, helping ensure they can operate without power and are easy to maintain.

Water Tower

10.000 liters of clean water per tower each day*


1.000 people served by each tower

Win the chance for rewarding work

Each time we hold a drawing for a volunteer trip, you have one entry for every single drop you’ve collected. The winners travel with Xylem Watermark and our nonprofit partners to places where there’s no access to clean water, generally in a location with a school.

Over the week-long trip, you help construct and install tower(s), educate the children and participate in a hand-off ceremony. It may be hard work, but it will also be one of the most rewarding jobs you have ever done.

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